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Week 1 – Reading Reflection October 5, 2009

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After reading the article entitled “10 tips on writing on the living web” I really felt like I have my own set of “dos and dont’s” for beginning my blogging experience. For instance, Mark Bernstein mentioned how important it is to make friends and enemies in my writing. Although the making of friends seemed obvious, making enemies seemed less so at first. Although in retrospect it makes sense. With an enemy, inevitably there will be controversy on the site which will bring more interested viewers to see the battle play out. This article made me wonder what enemies I would choose to attack while embracing friends on my side of the issues at large. Should I support Big Government or Big Business?…. Government Healthcare or Healthcare as it is? Support for war or not? Whether the “green” movement is really green or not? This article made me contemplate my future choice of topics and reminded me of keeping my writing lively whatever I choose to write about. Basically to make my voice heard and to choose topics that I am passionate about.  

In the article entitled “Mediamorphosis” it outlines the history and development of the telegraph,  radio, to television, and the internet. I was surprised to learn that CDs and phonographs coexisted in a market for about 10 years up until the mid 1990’s when the phonograph was phased out of production. This point interested me because I grew up with the mass changing of technologies with similar phasing out of technologies that worked great but just did not last due to the competition in the market or by better technologies winning out. For instance, my family used to own a BETA video recording machine, but was replaced and phased out by a supposedly “new” form of technology known as VHS. However, even after viewing both formats of tape today I see no significant difference in quality. It seemed that in this case it was a format change due to outselling the other format rather than upgrading technological quality. Unfortunately, the article does not discuss the shift of people using mp3 players/ iPods instead of CDS because this is another technological shift that I think has been remarkable to see coexisting during our lifetime. Who would have thought that in less than a hundred years our computers would go from taking up an floor of an entire  building to fitting in our pocket?


1) What are some changes in communication technology that have influenced you the most during your lifetime?

2) What blogging topics are you most passionate about?


-Kathleen Vogel



One Response to “Week 1 – Reading Reflection”

  1. kegill Says:

    Kathleen – you’ve made a good point re the changes that have occurred *since* Fidler wrote his book!

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