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Bloggers: The diggers of information? October 12, 2009

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In From Blog to Narrative, by Poynter (2008) the most important information I took away was the difference between writing in a blog versus conventional reporting.

For instance, the article mentions how conventional reporting had a fixed time in order to deliver the news whereas blogging gives readers constant updates at varying times. This constant update via twitter, facebook, myspace and the more traditional form of communication known as email are all ways that I can update my readers at various times. Another distinction is that while straight reporting asks, “is it a story?…. the blogger wonders is it interesting?” This article helped me realize that in order to appeal to an audience it is important to update constantly on matters that were significant to me. Whether they be scandalous discoveries, current tragic tales of misfortune or success, or even instructions on how to do something….I should be sure to discuss topics that were there to entertain as well as educate.  

Although the article discusses how blogging has changed, it does not discuss, however, whether it is a positive change or negative for readers. For example, with this newer form of getting news perhaps something that is interesting may not be important, or significant for a citizen to know. After reading the article in “We the Media” it mentions a particular journalist known as I.F. Stone that went to great lengths to gather the information necessary to inform the public about things in Washington D.C. that were going on. However later in the article it also discusses a shift of focus on more entertainment news… i.e. “E NEWS” which talks a lot about celebrities and their drama filled lives. My question is this: Is blogging about whatever is interesting to bloggers a good idea if the majority of interest lies with celebrities, the latest anti-aging body creams, or perhaps the updates of the blogger’s lives? Although these topics may appeal to many, are there enough quality news reporting blogging going on covering politics,  government, and international news to offset these other less important yet interesting topics?

Question 1) What are some blogging sites that you have personally used that you would consider quality news? Why?

Question 2) How would you explain the difference between “straight reporting” and “blogging”? What kinds of questions are you asking?


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