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Best Features of Blogger Designs October 16, 2009

Filed under: Assignment — kvogel21 @ 9:25 pm

I checked out four different blogger sites (Kyle’s Blog, Keala’s, Kaarin’s, and JT’s) while paying particular attention to their choices for their design. Although of the sites were easy to read, they also had very distinct styles and color schemes which influenced my opinion in regards to their appeal for a wider audience. Here are some of the thoughts I had about their designs.

One of my favorite blog designs was Karrin’s because she used color her advantage with bright hues of green, blue set in a contrast to a darker brown. I also liked how the title ” Kaarin’s blog” was easy for me to remember. One of the issues I had with this design though was that the subtitle could use some updating since it still reads “just another wordpress blog.”

I also really liked the colorful banner on Kyle’s website. The banner was interesting in that it showed a picturesque landscape of a foreign countryside which would interest the majority of viewers who appreciate this grand view. I thought that the light blue color choice for this page was perfect in that it enhanced the ability of the viewer to scan the page without difficulty in moderate contrast to the white background for the type written material. One aspect of the design that I thought could be improved would be the name of the site. Although it describes perfectly the purpose of him writing, I feel like it should be shortened, simpler, and easier to remember.

For Keala’s blog she used the same white background for the text as the other bloggers I analyzed. She chose a turf-like backdrop with a similarly simplified title like Kaarins reading “Keala’s blog.” I did not really like the turf backdrop as much as the others mentioned above. However, I did like the choice in colors for having red highlighting where people can make comments. This really adds to the sites readability and makes commenting easier.  

 For JT (Jay’s) site he included a design which shows a photographed close -up of a phone. Surrounding the design the colors black and grey provide a border around the written black text on a white blogging space. This was also one of my favorite designs because it related an aspect of what he will innevitably discuss in his writing – (changing technologies from home phone to cell use perhaps?) . In any event, his banner choice like the picturesque landscape, and colorful choices of the other two bloggers is effectively used to draw the reader into his written material.

Overall, I found some interesting design choices by four of my fellow classmates. Perhaps, with a bit of tinkering we can make our designs even more captivating with our combined feedback!


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