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Project Idea: The Huntress October 21, 2009

Filed under: Project — kvogel21 @ 2:12 pm

So recently I have been going out with a friend of mine who has been teaching me how to fish and hunt. From a girl who had never been encouraged to participate in these activities, I have been amazed at the amount of information someone who has never gone hunting or fishing should know before going.

My idea of the project is to actively participate in outdoor adventures whether they be hunting, fishing, hiking, climbing, – you name it. After each outing I will add tips, hints, and how tos to a blog/website which will inform the common women uneducated in these huntress arts the advice that I would recommend or may just entertain the male viewers in the stories that happen. The gear, the lifestyle, the things to say, where to go, …etc.

For this project I will have to create a design, update the blog regularily, as well as actually learn more about the huntress arts that have eluded me up until this time in my life. This will incorporate research as well as learn ways to publish my material to a larger audience.


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