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Chips in Humans…ahh…It’s really coming! October 24, 2009

Filed under: Assignment — kvogel21 @ 8:45 pm

So I was just viewing a few clips on youtube and came across this IBM commercial on the future of RDIF technology. The ad claims that we are inevitable heading in this direction. They already are capable of putting the chips in phones – but the real question is when will will they start  to put chips in humans? Obviously, we will gain a lot from these technological advances, but there is always a cost whether it is privacy, security, or a “big brother is always watching” feeling.

Check out this clip to see what I am talking about! Does this type of powerful technology scare you?

Also see the healthlink commercial below which showcases the inherent benefits of this chip technology they will want to put inside you.


3 Responses to “Chips in Humans…ahh…It’s really coming!”

  1. lizlantz Says:

    I saw that this link post would be discussed within the Blogging class, but alas time ran short, so I wanted to check out your entry myself. Really interesting video on the idea that we would want medical information (which seems to be the only function proposed by the ad) stored in our brains. True, it would certainly prevent certain operating deaths related to conflicting medications, though only if part of emergency room procedure and if adopted by all people on medications. In terms of medical diagnoses, the technology assumes that the diagnoses are always correct, which is so often not the case.
    Admittedly, the ad succeeds in peaking interest (how would they update those chips, anyway?). But my mind immediately turns to abuses, human error in adding information to another’s chip unintentionally or otherwise, and of course privacy issues–can people “tap in” like they can to cell phones? If the technology does develop, I doubt neuroethicists would be able to stop its commercial application.
    Your post is timely too…it seems that neuroculture is a hot topic. For example, Robin Williams and Mira Sorvino starred in “The Cutter,” which played on IFC recently. It was about brain implants that record all memories as a means to extend your presence on earth after death (played for loved ones, placed in a video feed about your gravestone, etc). I give it a C+, but beyond that, it was pretty interesting in terms of how mundane such amazing technology can be. Imagine a time when our medical records stored in our heads would be “mundane.” Then again, we were supposed to be living on the moon by the year 2000…

  2. alisah7 Says:

    This is crazy! I think it could be useful, but it really depends what they rae using the tracking for. It could also be violating ones privacy. I really don’t think I would want one in me because I would always be afraid someone creepy was watching every move I made.

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