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Death to “Journalist” Trade October 25, 2009

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After reading the article “Here Comes Everyone” by Clay Shirky it discussed the idea that with the advances of technology their are professionals that are no longer the “gatekeepers” in their fields. Instead there is an opening for amateurs to produce material that earlier would have been impossible without technology to help these newbies.

What I think is great about technology making these changes possible is that it favors the consumer by enabling them to create their own content, publish their own stories and decide for themselves what is news. Instead of basing what news is on whether it will sell papers, individuals can produce content simply to inform the public on what they deem interesting.

Unfortunately, there is a cost to the progress that technology brings – which happens to be the scarce resource of professionalism and the jobs that this provides for those considered to be traditional journalists. The article specifically mentioned scribes which had their role in society taken away by the printing press which could widely reproduce content in the 1490s. Today, traditional journalists wage a modern war with everyone else on the internet with their content choices and their ability to maintain their seemingly superior professionalism.

But how long will this even last? Right now I occasionally watch CNN and some other shows on TV, but I eventually will move all my viewing from the TV to my computer or phone device. I barely read any magazines in hard print unless they are readily available, and if I have no other option to view the content. Hard print material isĀ  simply a second choice for me. Meanwhile, I get ever trapped in the constant newsfeeds from facebook, twitter, and blogging sites. Thankfully, I have my google reader to organize my other real news content.

In summary, it seems that based on this article and my own experience with media that the death to the journalist trade is inevitable, just as the scribe trade was in the past. It is just a matter of time.

In the Facebook article it also reaffirms the death to the journalist trade as there are more and more users of facebook every day. Facebook serves a publication service for many people by providing personal news as well as many other features. By the technology application making the publication of content easier it makes it harder for a traditional journalist to survive in competition with an entire world of content makers.


1) What other occupations other than journalists are being made less scarce by advances in technology?

2) What are the benefits of having more of the contemporary journalists such as bloggers and twitterers rather than the the more traditional journalists?


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