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Very Potter Musical and Microsoft Bribes November 1, 2009

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There were two readings that I will subsequently discuss in this post concerning blogger’s copyright and ethics issues including 10 big myths about copyrighting explained as well as the weblog handbook chapter six. There were many key issues that  interested me in both of these articles.

For instance, in the 1o big myths about copyright it explained how these days no one ever loses their copyright unless they specifically give it or sell it to someone else. This is important because as we humble bloggers maintain our blogs we should not assume that just because their is no copyright trademark on the work that it does not have a copyright.

Another important myth brought up in this blog was the myth that after you write a creative story based on a prexisting story then the newer story that you have written is yours. The exception mentioned was a process called “fair use” which protects the users of content if they are using it for criticism or parody. When I heard of these exceptions I immediately thought of the Very Potter Musical that my brother and I have watched on youtube. I remember in the beginning that the makers of this show were especially careful to say that they were in no form affiliated with J.K Rowling and were simply fans of the books and movies. Anyways, the Potter Musical I think demonstrates how such a fair use loophole is allowed. Since the fans did not make any money off of the performance and it was a parody of the entire potter series it was okay, and as far as I know the performers were not prosecuted- it was allowed. Check it out to see what I mean.

In the other article in the Weblog Handbook the author argues that Journalists are held more responsible for the work they produce by research, fact checking then freelance bloggers. Some notes of improvement mentioned include: publicly correct information you know to be wrong on your blog, disclose any conflict of interest, and provide links when possible.

One thing I need to definately get better at is updating past blog entries. Oftentimes I have the wrong mentality that after I am done writing them, I can move on to other projects. The conflict of interest segment made me think of my last posting about Microsoft bribing bloggers for reviewing specific products. Out of 90 or more bloggers few were ethically focused enough to mention this breach of trust that a reader may have knowing that the review may be biased. Lastly, providing links to your sources was also a major tip that Rebecca Blood encouraged to increase the ethical soundness of your blog.

1) What are some copyright scandals that you have heard of recently?

2) How will you write your blog differently knowing what copyright laws exist and what types of ethical standards are proposed by others?


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