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3 competitors to my blog November 4, 2009

Filed under: Project — kvogel21 @ 9:41 am

So for my first competitor, I found a website entitled women hunters. Upon initial review I found their design to be unwelcoming, it seemed like too much white and too many links were on it. However, after clicking on a few of the entries that were written by the website team I found that their stories were interesting and diverse, on many different topics that interested them. Also their “Meet the Ladies” Link brought me to a page which was filled with contributors/writers of the website. Obviously, if I am competing with these women its me versus 58 of them. Geeze, it sounds daunting. I did notice that the actual writers seemed to be unaware of linking to other sites. They wrote as if it was just a newspaper entry without adding links most of the time. I would definately put links throughout as well as chang e the design to be more welcoming.

For my second competitor I found a website called Woman Hunter, a Hunting Magazine for Women. This was much more inviting with their color scheme of creme and brown. What I found after trying to read through a few of their articles though was that this website actually wants people to subscribe for reading the articles in their entirety. This was interesting, but I definately would not do this, I would put google ads on the side before I made internet readers pay.  Other than that, I checked out a few of their other links and found only opportunities to sign up for newsletters and buying their clothing with the woman hunter insignia on them. Also, they included a recipe section which I thought was well put together – since at least you could read through it without having pay a subscription fee.

For my third competitor I found a website called outdoor envy. I liked this website best out of three I encountered. I liked the cutesy/rustic design of the site which incorporated pink and brown colors and used images as well as ads to fill space (NRA, country club, Outdoor Envy Store, ect). In addition, I also liked their text styles and overall visual appeal. I read one of their articles and did not have to subscribe which I appreciated. In addition, it seemed to be better organized than the other two. Which is interesting considered that in this site there were only five contributing members of the site. Hmmm…I have some fierce competition with this site.


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