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Problems with Buying the Newest Gadgetry November 7, 2009

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I have always been a fairly conservative person when it comes to buying new technology. However, over the years I have made a few buying mistakes that I regret to this day. For instance, I bought the latest x-box 360 when it cost over 500.00. Also I bought an original ipod before they came out with the nanon, the itouch, and now the iphone.I Now articles are coming out that say that microsoft has lowered the price by 100.00 of their xbox consoles  (since their competitor PSPs are being lowered as well). This is all a result of having the new “updated consoles” coming out this year since they are preparing for the christmas rush. The issues with these new gadgets often is the pricing but also it seems that the “improvements” are minor with new editions, and come out slower than we would want.

For instance, the new Ipone has a few issues which many websites have mentioned.  Specifically, people mention how the at&t contract, the camera, no flash support, and no cutting or pasting, and the battery. have issues for people. For example, the AT&T contract with the Ipone must be bought with a bundle of applications that get to be quite costly. In addition, the Iphone camera includes only 2 megapixels in comparison to other phones out there that have 8 megapixels. The iphone also does not allow cutting or pasting  – at least easily. I found an article which explains how to download an application for copying and pasting, but it is interesting that this was such a big deal when other phones had this feature before the iphone. In addition, the battery has also been a hot item of discontent with iphone since you can not take it out and people do not want to fork over any more money for replacing it.

Ultimately, it all comes down to pricing in comparison for the features you want in your new gadget. If you want to spend less, wait a bit for the price to go down – which is precisely the action I would primarily advise. A second option would be to investigate other products that happen to get the job done (with similar if not better features than their competitors).

I feel like people will buy any new edition of technology simply because it is new. Having worked in retail, I will always promote the idea of educating yourself prior to making any rash decisions into cell phone contracts, or expensive new techy-toys. Get informed and make sure that you get what you are buying and that you understand the limitations of the gadget. We all have had our share of disappointments with pricing and technological limitations in our gadgetry – Let’s shop smart in the future.     

For some other alternatives to the Iphone check out these other comparable smart phones.


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2 Responses to “Problems with Buying the Newest Gadgetry”

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  2. rymarbett Says:

    I have had some of the same regrets buying new gadgets that you have. When buying these new items, they are the best thing out, at that time. I do not own an Iphone, but I have watched many of my friends deal with Iphone issues. Especially the issue of not being able to send picture messeges (which Iphone just corrected with a new update). But I agree with you that we need to educate ourselves about what we are buying and not just buy it because it is new. We need to learn about what we are buying and what that new item has to offer. Sometimes waiting for a second edition of a new gadget is worth the wait, so companies can get glitches out.

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