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Politifact…I’m lovin it! November 8, 2009

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Newspapers use Youtube videos to attract users was an interesting article which outlined how different “traditional” journalist organizations are moving their content partially online to draw readership. For instance, the article described how the Dallas Morning News and the St. Petersburg Times were both moving in this direction with their recent yotube videos posted.

The Dallas Morning News were posting content which essentially were trailers for even longer stories while the St. Petersburg Times posted a short musical video. Although the Dallas Morning News videos were important information to cover, it seemed that their presentation was not entertaining enough for an online audience. However, the St. Petersburg Times presented a quick paced, fun, entertaining video which promoted their website  Poltifact which helps people know the truthfulness of political statements.

The successfulness of the youtube videos being posted online was also reflected in the number of views the videos had accrued on youtube. For the Unequal Justice Videos they had only accrued a few hundred views whereas the politifact video had over 200,00 views on youtube. This is interesting considering that the Dallas Morning News stated that they wanted to create the videos in an “captivating, dynamic, edgy format…to make you feel not only like you want to look at this, but that you want to put nine dollars down and watch a movie about it.” With this in mind, I actually did view the videos and now can honestly say that I would not put nine dollars down to see them. They are really serious, and emotional but I would probably watch these types of shows on TV rather than pay to see them. In contrast, I thought the third video by politifact was something that captured my attention more. Unfortunately, I am a sucker for entertainment and music and could not help but enjoy this video more.

The problem that I face in reviewing these videos was essentially what the traditional journalists have to figure out. How they are to gain readers/viewers in a world dominated by entertainment media which runs contrary to the idea of serious journalism (ie media as a watchdog). It seems that the St. Petersburg Times has figured out how to capture attention while also being an informative journalistic choice for truth. Meanwhile, I feel like the Dallas Morning News has a lot to learn from the Politifact video.

1) How have the Media organizations changed their content to appeal to the younger generation of viewers?

2) What are some examples of news organizations that utilize emerging digital technologies to their best advantage?


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