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Flickr….Increasingly Impressive November 16, 2009

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So I read through the article entitled Newbies Guide to Flickr and I must admit I am quite the newbie when it comes to this online tool so this article was right up my alley. I had some idea about what this technology was capable of on this website including the basic function of sharing pictures,  tagging them, and creating albums. These basic functions were not all that impressive since I have been using these types of tools on websites like facebook and myspace over the past few years.

Impressive Innovations

 However, I was amazed at the newer innovations on the site including geomapping (basically tagging a photos location on a map) which I had never heard of before reading this article.  This option was especially important to highlight since I have read recently that technology has been developed to take everyone’s shared and tagged and geomapped pictures which can be viewed panoramic since the entire image is made up of a combination of flickr users pictures. I wish I could remember the place where I found this info – I remember someone talking about it on one of their most recent blog posts. Anyway,  this kind of stuff is fascinating technology innovations. Another thing I did not realize you could do on flickr was make notes about different parts of the image. This was new to me because I believe you only have the option of making a general note about the entire image on facebook – if you can do this though I have no idea how to. This is a great innovation with picture sharing because there always seems to be something or someone lurking in the background that needs to be pointed out for hilarity to ensue. One of the most important things in this article to implement in our blogs we make is to share our photos with an embed option. I am still a little confused as to how to do this – but I am after all a newbie to Flickr.

New Site to Check Out

Other than that, I checked out the site called ZAZZLE which you can create content to sell on mugs, t shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, etc. It looked pretty cool for anyone interested in making their own designs and selling them for what price they determine – not just what ZAZZLE says you have to sell them at. This was a cool selling feature to me, actually being able to determine your own price. Pretty cool indeed- I am not a Zazzle representative by any means but this sounded good to me.

1) How do you share your photos?

2) What are some tips which would help others share their photos with the world? Which programs do you prefer any why? What features do you like the best?

I also thought that the idea of


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