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Project Update November 16, 2009

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So I decided to change my focus in the project instead of outdoorsy stuff, I have decided to create a blog entitled the art fan, so heres a link to what I have started. . Instead I will focus on art projects I interest me (both traditional and modern art will be included). I just have a greater passion for these subjects then the outdoorsy stuff – I need a bit more time to develop some of the skills for that blog.  

Design (not final but implemented one for now)

So the design is not final since I found an alternative design which I would like to implement. Since I can’t upload it without paying wordpress money, I plan on staying after class Wednesday to upload a new design that I can modify.


I have changed the time settings to be correct and I have updated the title of the blog.

New Posts

I added About Page Info and two first posts. This next week I will upload a picture of myself for the about page.  

Will work on it some more this next week. That’s pretty much it for now.


One Response to “Project Update”

  1. jtimpani Says:

    Kathleen I am anxious to see the direction you take your ART FAN blog. Everyone has love for art one way or another, and respect good art work when they see it. People are very talented in this industry and I look forward to see some of the artwork that you display on your blog.

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