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Discussion Leader Update November 23, 2009

Filed under: Discussion Leader — kvogel21 @ 12:28 am

So for a quick overview I will be covering as a Discussion Leader the site StumbleUpon. Some organizations I will look at are bloggers and advertisers. In addition, I will discuss differences between this technology searching in comparison to others like Google, Digg, etc.

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5 Responses to “Discussion Leader Update”

  1. kaarino Says:

    You were right that StumbleUpon is a great distraction. I tested it out for the first time today and found myself focusing on online shopping when I should have been starting my homework. I feel that in the next few years, StumbleUpon will become even larger.

  2. […] members.  My classmate also recently did a presentation on Stumble Upon posted on her blog, “The Vogeler” which highlights how certain organizations are utilizing this […]

  3. shildl Says:

    Im glad you did your presentation on Stumble Upon! I just found out about it a couple weeks before hand so I was still a newbie myself. It’s interesting to see how Stumble Upon could be utilized for business purposes and the effect on advertising. It was also cool to compare it next to Digg and really stress how Stumble Upon is able to tie in social networking so well which really has helped it become so successful.

  4. […] – Stumble Upon (Slideshare set to private?) – […]

  5. ivanvukovic Says:

    I’ve seen Digg around the internet for years but never got into it. StumbleUpon, on the other hand, is something that immediately drew me in. I’ve been using it regularly since the presentation; thank you!

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