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Discussion Leader Reflection November 29, 2009

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Perception of My Classmate’s Experience

From my experience as a discussion leader I found that the majority of my classmates do not currently use the social discovery tool known as Stumbleupon. Instead I realized that the majority of my classmates generally use the search engine Google to find what they want online. This really surprised me because I figured that a site would have gained a little more momentum in since it has been around since 2001- but it was a fairly new idea for my audience. This was reiterated when I asked them what other companies do similar types of discover searching as stumbleupon and there were no comparable companies mentioned.

Although the class did not know exactly what I was talking about it was a great educational discussion which led many of them to discover the website for themselves. For instance, from comments on my blog, I found that those who did use the technology (after hearing my presentation) were happy to find content that suited their preferences. One classmate even mentioned how easy it was to get “addicted” to the ultimate “time waster.” After hearing these “tried and succeeded stories” I feel like my discussion accomplished it’s intent to facilitate actively learning about a company that is changing the way we search the internet for information.

My Overall Experience

I was happy to learn about this new social discovery tool and now use it probably more often than I should. It enables me to find content that appeals to me. The site has also helped me to brainstorm ideas, and develop content for my other blog theartfan.wordpress. com. I learned many of the great features of a site like StumbleUpon which includes being able to share content easily on social networking sites and being able to channel surf my favorite channels. Also, I feel like I have a choice now when I go to google I know I am searching for something specific – when I stumble I am just trying to find something new to view for fun and sharing.


3 Responses to “Discussion Leader Reflection”

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  3. I know it’s been a while since you were the discussion leader, but I just wanted to let you know that your topic and presentation was great. I now have a stumbleupon account, and I used it the other day when my sister was trying to find a “scoodie”. (A scarf/hoodie.) She asked my stepmom to knit her one, and we had to show her a picture. We didn’t like the pics we found on google, and certainly couldn’t find any free patterns, so we put it into my stumbleupon search and voila! We’re still looking for a free pattern, but thanks to you, my stepmom knows what she’s doing!

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