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Project Update November 29, 2009

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Below I have included my previous entry with my to do list broken down into steps. I have bolded the items that I have finished. I have italicised what I still need to do or am working on now.

Here are my priorities for this next week: (Italicised = work in progress)

1) Change Header Image

2) Add About Page Photo

3) Optimize Tagging with Yahoo and Google

4) Keep trying to connect it with Facebook (already tried MEEB, but it still does not connect with my blog?)

5) Keep commenting on other similar blogs (I will start commenting on Liz’s since she is covering artsy stuff too)

6) Keep putting out content! (Use delicious to find other similar sites to discover content out there)



Purpose: We will showcase various forms of art and discover new sites that everyone will enjoy viewing.

Goal: Showcase what I have learned through the process of creating a “functional” blog.

“Functional” is defined by me with various factors that will be included. For instance, picking and editing an appropriate design, updating the blog consistently (at least once a week), and providing video and imagery that helps to demonstrate my opinions on certain issues. Also, trying to figure out how to promote my blog would also be important with getting it to come up on google and yahoo searches. Obviously, linking to some of the competitor websites may be a good way of promoting my own.

Heres my plan broken down into steps:

Find an Audience:

In this case, I will be appealing to mostly to people with a general interest to contemporary art (1950’s to today)

Begin to Blog: (week 1)

1) Sign up for blog/Create a blog domain name

2) Customize the blog design colors/structure etc

3) Update the About Page with info and picture

5)Update Settings to my desired privacy levels

6) Start making Add blog entries with creative/unique entries with engaging content

Promote/Market  blog: (Week 2)

7) Optimize tagging and more search engine friendly work with Yahoo and Google

8) Figure out how to make your status updates connect with Facebook and Twitter

9) Make comments on other blogs with a link back to my blog

Just Keep Doing what I am doing: (Week 3/4)

10) Stick to my Theme of being an an art fan

11) Keep updating, and keep commenting

12) Add Creative Commons Logo


Measures of Success

For this blog to be considered a success for me I will have an engaging site which is what I would consider “functional”. I will have links to other sites and videos that help engage my audience. In addition, I will implement online marketing techniques which will add traffic to my site. I will have learned how to market by engaging with other sites. Also I will learn what types of topics interest people the most, and promote a informational and well as entertaining site for people to enjoy.



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