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Bam Traditional News!…Web Today Dominates November 30, 2009

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Eight Traits of the News Media Landscape

I thought that this article was oh so true when it came to what has changed with the way we use media. Here are a few of the topics that I immediately could relate to with personal examples.

Convergence – I am currently trying to incorporate facebook onto my project blog which has been difficult…but regardless of that fact this shows my asknowledgement of having to put my content on multiple channels blog, facebook, twitter, comments on other pages with links to my site etc.

Everyday – Technology is everywhere and we use it everyday. My personal favorite technology necessities are my cell phone and ipod that I carry with me always.

Global and Generational – This I can cover with two technologies I use often including Skype and Facebook. I recently set up my Grandma with a Facebook account that she checks along with her email. Also, I use Skype at least once a week to talk with my Sister in France.

Topic I Disagree with…Unequal:

I just do not understand how unequal this could be. I have two sisters that are in the public school system right now and both have had some experience producing content for the web. One is taking a digital computer class in 8th grade and the other constantly uses a blog for her English class. Both of the examples show education combating the inequalities. Hmmm.? 

Why the News Media became Irrelevent

After reading this article, although there is definitely some truth to the need for people to connect, I think there are other reasons as well that may explain our reliance on these newer technologies/social networking sites. The article specifically mentioned that traditional news organizations have lost site of the value that they provide for customers by being able to answer questions from readers (not just tweet and retweet without responding to comments & questions).

What I Think…Convenience more Important

I think that people do value the traditional news sources in addition to the newer forms that have become so popular. The problem to me is convenience, not so much value. Whereas the newspaper was the easiest way to read the news, and then the TV news – the internet and the many blogs and websites that predominated made it ever so more convenient for people not only to read the news but to produce it as well. The quickest and easiest way for me to read the news today comes from reading it via RSS reader on my gmail account. I haven’t read the newspaper in months – not because I need interaction with the authors but because it is easier to access online content which is hand selected by me. 

1) What classes (if any) were available in highschool that prepared you for creating content on the web? What did you not learn that put you at a disadvantage?

2) Why are the traditional news organizations losing viewers/readers to other internet content writers? What do you think is missing in their content?


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