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Bam Traditional News!…Web Today Dominates November 30, 2009

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Eight Traits of the News Media Landscape

I thought that this article was oh so true when it came to what has changed with the way we use media. Here are a few of the topics that I immediately could relate to with personal examples.

Convergence – I am currently trying to incorporate facebook onto my project blog which has been difficult…but regardless of that fact this shows my asknowledgement of having to put my content on multiple channels blog, facebook, twitter, comments on other pages with links to my site etc.

Everyday – Technology is everywhere and we use it everyday. My personal favorite technology necessities are my cell phone and ipod that I carry with me always.

Global and Generational – This I can cover with two technologies I use often including Skype and Facebook. I recently set up my Grandma with a Facebook account that she checks along with her email. Also, I use Skype at least once a week to talk with my Sister in France.

Topic I Disagree with…Unequal:

I just do not understand how unequal this could be. I have two sisters that are in the public school system right now and both have had some experience producing content for the web. One is taking a digital computer class in 8th grade and the other constantly uses a blog for her English class. Both of the examples show education combating the inequalities. Hmmm.? 

Why the News Media became Irrelevent

After reading this article, although there is definitely some truth to the need for people to connect, I think there are other reasons as well that may explain our reliance on these newer technologies/social networking sites. The article specifically mentioned that traditional news organizations have lost site of the value that they provide for customers by being able to answer questions from readers (not just tweet and retweet without responding to comments & questions).

What I Think…Convenience more Important

I think that people do value the traditional news sources in addition to the newer forms that have become so popular. The problem to me is convenience, not so much value. Whereas the newspaper was the easiest way to read the news, and then the TV news – the internet and the many blogs and websites that predominated made it ever so more convenient for people not only to read the news but to produce it as well. The quickest and easiest way for me to read the news today comes from reading it via RSS reader on my gmail account. I haven’t read the newspaper in months – not because I need interaction with the authors but because it is easier to access online content which is hand selected by me. 

1) What classes (if any) were available in highschool that prepared you for creating content on the web? What did you not learn that put you at a disadvantage?

2) Why are the traditional news organizations losing viewers/readers to other internet content writers? What do you think is missing in their content?


Discussion Leader Reflection November 29, 2009

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Perception of My Classmate’s Experience

From my experience as a discussion leader I found that the majority of my classmates do not currently use the social discovery tool known as Stumbleupon. Instead I realized that the majority of my classmates generally use the search engine Google to find what they want online. This really surprised me because I figured that a site would have gained a little more momentum in since it has been around since 2001- but it was a fairly new idea for my audience. This was reiterated when I asked them what other companies do similar types of discover searching as stumbleupon and there were no comparable companies mentioned.

Although the class did not know exactly what I was talking about it was a great educational discussion which led many of them to discover the website for themselves. For instance, from comments on my blog, I found that those who did use the technology (after hearing my presentation) were happy to find content that suited their preferences. One classmate even mentioned how easy it was to get “addicted” to the ultimate “time waster.” After hearing these “tried and succeeded stories” I feel like my discussion accomplished it’s intent to facilitate actively learning about a company that is changing the way we search the internet for information.

My Overall Experience

I was happy to learn about this new social discovery tool and now use it probably more often than I should. It enables me to find content that appeals to me. The site has also helped me to brainstorm ideas, and develop content for my other blog theartfan.wordpress. com. I learned many of the great features of a site like StumbleUpon which includes being able to share content easily on social networking sites and being able to channel surf my favorite channels. Also, I feel like I have a choice now when I go to google I know I am searching for something specific – when I stumble I am just trying to find something new to view for fun and sharing.


Project Update

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Below I have included my previous entry with my to do list broken down into steps. I have bolded the items that I have finished. I have italicised what I still need to do or am working on now.

Here are my priorities for this next week: (Italicised = work in progress)

1) Change Header Image

2) Add About Page Photo

3) Optimize Tagging with Yahoo and Google

4) Keep trying to connect it with Facebook (already tried MEEB, but it still does not connect with my blog?)

5) Keep commenting on other similar blogs (I will start commenting on Liz’s since she is covering artsy stuff too)

6) Keep putting out content! (Use delicious to find other similar sites to discover content out there)



Purpose: We will showcase various forms of art and discover new sites that everyone will enjoy viewing.

Goal: Showcase what I have learned through the process of creating a “functional” blog.

“Functional” is defined by me with various factors that will be included. For instance, picking and editing an appropriate design, updating the blog consistently (at least once a week), and providing video and imagery that helps to demonstrate my opinions on certain issues. Also, trying to figure out how to promote my blog would also be important with getting it to come up on google and yahoo searches. Obviously, linking to some of the competitor websites may be a good way of promoting my own.

Heres my plan broken down into steps:

Find an Audience:

In this case, I will be appealing to mostly to people with a general interest to contemporary art (1950’s to today)

Begin to Blog: (week 1)

1) Sign up for blog/Create a blog domain name

2) Customize the blog design colors/structure etc

3) Update the About Page with info and picture

5)Update Settings to my desired privacy levels

6) Start making Add blog entries with creative/unique entries with engaging content

Promote/Market  blog: (Week 2)

7) Optimize tagging and more search engine friendly work with Yahoo and Google

8) Figure out how to make your status updates connect with Facebook and Twitter

9) Make comments on other blogs with a link back to my blog

Just Keep Doing what I am doing: (Week 3/4)

10) Stick to my Theme of being an an art fan

11) Keep updating, and keep commenting

12) Add Creative Commons Logo


Measures of Success

For this blog to be considered a success for me I will have an engaging site which is what I would consider “functional”. I will have links to other sites and videos that help engage my audience. In addition, I will implement online marketing techniques which will add traffic to my site. I will have learned how to market by engaging with other sites. Also I will learn what types of topics interest people the most, and promote a informational and well as entertaining site for people to enjoy.



Media’s Post-Apocalyptic World November 28, 2009

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The world is going to end…soon. We all have heard this comment some time or another either from a person we know, don’t know or whatever. Anyway, I have begun to see this reoccurring theme of the “world as we know it is gone/changing and we just have to survive.”

Here are a few examples just to name a few: 2012, Day after Tomorrow, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Zombieland.

Generally I like post-apocalyptic scenarios. For instance, 1984 is seen by many as one of the best and most thought provoking visions of a dystopian future. However,  recently the movies like Day after Tomorrow and Journey to the center of the Earth seem to appeal to an audience that just wants to blow stuff up.

Plus the media seems to be playing on the fears of people without addressing any form of reality with something as serious as global warming/climate change. For instance, in the film Day after Tomorrow the Earth rapidly changes into an ice bucket of a place where few survive. The reality is much less dramatic with climate change happening slowly….very slowly. According to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change that the probability of the thermohaline circulation shutting down [as depicted in this film] is not very likely. If it were to occur as suggested in the film with a rapid change,  it would probably not happen within the next hundred years.

2012 basically argues something similar to Day after Tomorrow with our planet basically changing so drastically that all of our major cities are shown falling into the earth or being pushed outward. It seemed very unrealistic preying upon the fears of the global warming proponents trying to get the message out that doing nothing will lead to this end – everything in ruins. I just don’t buy it. If you want to watch a movie just to see things freeze or blow up with no regard to what could really happen scientifically then go ahead and watch them. As for me, I want my 4+ hours back for these two movies.

Zombieland also takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but I feel that with its comedic intent it deserves no such scrutiny as the previous mentioned blockbuster films. Zombieland stayed true to the reality of the “what if” situation. I loved how it mentioned double tapping the zombies just to be sure they are dead.

All I can say is avoid the 2012, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Day after Tomorrow…if you intend to get anything other than blown up stuff. Personally, I am a bit tired of these attempts at quality post-apocalyptic film making. Do other films – try comedy …but movies today have big 1984 shoes to fill.


Deliciously Wikid

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For my project website I am focusing mainly on postmodern or contemporary art which is defined in wikipedia as “art produced at this present point in time or art produced since World War II”

Here are a couple examples of contemporary art that I am interested in as noted by wikipedia:

street art, happenings, body art,  live art, as well as many others. In fact, I may be covering similar art happenings as Liz’s blog known as so good so bad so ugly. I am sure there will be enough art to blog about for all – look forward to seeing what we find.

When I cross referenced street art with delicious it gave me a few more sites to check out. For instance, I found Mark Jenkins an artist that constructs street art.

Here are a few of his pictures just to give you an idea.

Mark Jenkins Pic

Mark Jenkins Pic

So if this type of art interests you at all, you should definitely check out my latest updates on my blog theartfan.wordpress. com. I have some other interesting stuff that always makes me laugh or mesmerizes me into viewing more.


Discussion Leader Update November 23, 2009

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So for a quick overview I will be covering as a Discussion Leader the site StumbleUpon. Some organizations I will look at are bloggers and advertisers. In addition, I will discuss differences between this technology searching in comparison to others like Google, Digg, etc.

Other source:



News Mixer with Mixed Results

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After reading the article about a News Mixer prototype site I was impressed initially. I thought that I could finally have a way to comment in one place for my news. However, it was not quite what I expected and I thought that there was definately mixed results for me upon reviewal.

For one thing I assumed that it would cover a few different major news sites to comment on – but it was just one site covering news in Eastern Iowa. So it was not exactly a useful tool for someone like me living in Seattle.

Another issue I had with their site was that they promoted having such an advanced way of commenting that I was dissipointed to discover that they only had three different ways to comment. I understand they may have done this for simplicities sake, but there have to be other options for users to comment other than just letters to the editor, quips and questions and answers. Perhaps they could categorize even more – basically give us users a few more options.  

My last issue was the limitations of only being able to connect with facebook to comment there as well. I would have liked at least to have a wordpress/blog option (which hopefully will be coming soon). Also there was no inclusion of a way to share a media clip to demonstrate a point in commentary. I would have really liked this option as well.

Overall, mixed results with the initial implementation – but the idea I really liked. The makers of this site just need to include all the options that we take for granted on other more highly developed sites while still keeping things simple enough for the average user to understand.

The second article was so interesting I found myself following links to follow the money and then later to a punch clock campaign (having congressmen post their work schedules for the previous day). It just amazed me that all this information was ready for me to evaluate. I was hoping that there was more information about the distribution of funds from different lobbyists to particular politicians. It seemed that they had more general numbers – which was helpful…but I would have liked more.

1) What are some of your favorite sites to check up on the politicians?

2) What are some ways that the News Mix prototype can improve? What features are missing?