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Guilty News Pleasures: Uncle Jay Explains the News December 5, 2009

Here is how I have been getting my news:

1) I read the University of Washington Daily Newspaper– 2) I read my gmail RSS Reader- 3) I specifically look for news that others discuss in class or at home – 4) or I stumble upon it or see it on TV as I surf, or on the radio

How this must Change: Too Much News Leading to Guilty Pleasures

Through all these different mediums you can imagine how I can get bogged down with too much information. As a result, I am always looking for simplified versions of the news that give me the highlights of the news stories. I also enjoy a format of news that makes fun the situations that celebrities, politicians, businesses put themselves into. Knowing this, my sister led me away from my tendency of watching the Colbert Report, and Jon Stewart and showed me her one news update that she watches weekly…and that is Uncle Jay’s Explains the News . A guilty pleasure news source we now both enjoy.

Here is a Sample from this past September that I thought would especially apply to us as bloggers:

This 3 minute video discusses blogs and how it is different than “professional” Journalism.

History of the Show:

Uncle Jay is Jay Gilbert a Cinncinati radio broadcaster who in the mid 1990’s developed the show on a local television station. However, later he decided to produce and create the content on his own as “technology had reached the point where [he] could pretty much do it all [him]self and post it on the web.” His website now gets 20,000 hits per week with over 130 videos on youtube.

What I like about Uncle Jay:

He simplifies the news. Its short and sweet. It makes fun of everyone it seems! It summarizes the information for you while also providing entertainment.  He is very consistent – Every Monday he comes out with a new 3 minute video explaining the previous weeks news.

What I dislike about Uncle Jay’s Program:

Sometimes it seems like he talks down to the viewers.  Also his technological skills are a bit limited in the video format. He summarizes a full week full of news in 3 minutes which can be limited as well. He has to pick and choose what he thinks is not only important while also being entertaining for everybody.   

Overall, watching this program has got me to wonder about the importance that we place on specific news sources. My sister barely reads any other news sources so Uncle Jay’s 3 minute segment and it is the primary news source for her. However, I read a few other sources that give me a bit more a background/contextual knowledge on some of the issues. I think that a program like Uncle Jay is great as a supplemental news material but can be VERY limited if it is our sole base of information. We should all try to broaden our scopes a bit and make sure be well grounded in facts, and context…however, what’s the harm in a bit of humor as well.

Check out a few of his most recent episodes  . What are some of your most guilty humorous news sources? Let me know…I would love to check them out.

Uncle Jay on Wikipedia